Law Enforcement

Identify and develop a topic and audience for a law enforcement related issue. 

The paper/presentation can be a training issue within the agency, a community presentation, or internal tactical briefing on a specific incident or event, etc. This is your choice. The purpose of the paper/presentation is that you are presenting it to the identified audience of your choice. 

Examples: Training issue within the agency:  Training presentation on new equipment, policy and procedure, law updates, etc. These can be original and do not need to be actual subjects. Community Presentation:  Addressing a neighborhood group on crime in the area  Addressing the government body for new equipment, budget, or program initiative. Internal Tactical briefing:  Drug raid,  Vice Sting, (prostitution, gambling, etc.)  Undercover Operation  Preparation for a big event such as a parade, festival, etc. 

Segment 1: Topic/Audience Identification Due Friday Sunday by 11:59pm of Unit 2 Identify the topic of your paper and presentation as well as a description of your audience. Be sure to “briefly” identify the subject you will be covering. 2-3 pages