Research shows that the current health care workforce does not match the diversity of the nation (AAMC, 2015). As the population continues to become more diverse, health care executives will be responsible for the diversity of the workforce in health care organizations.For this Discussion, reflect on how health care executives might implement strategies to enhance workforce diversity in health care organizations.Post an explanation of how the workforce of the future in health care organizations should mirror the diversity of the national population. Then, explain how this might be accomplished in your health care organization or one with which you are familiar. Be specific and provide examples.American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2015).Fact sheet: Enhancing diversity in the nursing workforceLinks to an external site.. Retrieved from http://www.aacn.nche.edu/media-relations/diversityFS.pdfAssociation of American Medical Colleges. (2015).Facts and figures data seriesLinks to an external site.. Retrieved from https://www.aamc.org/initiatives/diversity/179816/facts_and_figures.htmlDelphin-Rittmon, M., Andres-Hyman, R., Flanagan, E. H., & Davidson, L. (2013).Seven essential strategies for promoting and sustaining systemic cultural competenceLinks to an external site.. Psychiatric Quarterly, 84(1), 53-64.Dotson, E., Nuru-Jeter, A., & Brooks-Williams, D. (2012).Setting the stage for a business case for leadership diversity in healthcare: History, research, and leverageLinks to an external site.. Journal of Healthcare Management, 57(1), 35-44; discussion 45-6.Wilson-Stronks, A., Mutha, S., & Swedish, J. R. (2010).From the perspective of CEOs: What motivates hospitals to embrace cultural competence?Links to an external site.Journal of Healthcare Management, 55(5), 339-352.