unit 1

For this week’s discussion, you will examine what advocacy is and then explore an advocacy organization in your community. As a human service professional, a key component of your role will entail connecting clients with community resources. For this reason, it is imperative that you are aware of the resources available within your community. The Cope Foundation reading,Types of Advocacy, will be very helpful, as it identifies and defines several types of advocacy.Please respond to the following:Describe the purpose of advocacy when working with clients.Analyze how advocacy specifically relates to children and their families.Be certain to provide examples of advocacy for children and their families.Examine and define three different types of advocacy.In your answer, discuss whether or not there is one particular type of advocacy that you think is most beneficial when working with children and their families.Identify an advocacy organization for children and families in your community or your state.Discuss the organization and determine what type of advocacy the organization offers for its clients.In your answer, conclude whether or not the organization seems to be beneficial and effective for children and families. Be sure to recommend any changes you would make to the organization as it relates to advocacy.

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