"The Most Dangerous Game" 400 word essay

 (1) Choose one of the following short stories to develop your topic:
• Connell, Richard: “The Most Dangerous Game” (pp. 62-79 in Perrine’s Literature)
(2) Use the lists of questions on pages 79 and brainstorming to generate a clear research question and thesis. A good question is such that you look forward to answering it.
(3) Be explicit about what your argument/thesis will be. Each paragraph should support your argument/thesis.
( 4) Use at least one quotation from the story you choose to write about.
(5) Use at least two outside references. List your references in the Works Cited at the end of the essay. Use either MLA or APA (see The Hodges Harbrace Handbook for guidelines).

(6) Make sure your line of argument is clear and coherent; in other words, make a clear point.
(7) The minimum length of essay 1 is 400 words. Use Times New Roman 12 point, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Add word count at the bottom of your last page.

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