Strategic Management 2

The purpose of this simulation is to give you experience in the process of developing a strategic plan and meeting the challenges of implementing it successfully in an interactive setting that closely mirrors a real-world environment.In this task, you will discuss the factors a manager must consider and the key actions, concepts, and adjustments that a manager can use to help assure success in achieving the objectives contained in the strategic plan. You should reflect on how the management decisions you made during the simulation compared to the decisions that would be necessary to achieve great execution of a strategic plan and how your execution of your plan could have been improved.Task:B.  Analyze the actions you took to develop a resource strength at a key point during the last four years of the simulation.1.  Analyze how competitively powerful that strength was.C.  Evaluate your approach to managing an organizational culture that supports strategic plan execution.1.  Compare your approach with proven management practices. (Use 8 of 10 management practices)D.  Evaluate your promotion of creativity and innovation during the simulation.E.  Analyze the effectiveness of the balanced scorecard employed in the simulation in terms of how its use affected individual performance.

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