Question Discussion 3

Answer the following questions in essay form.  Essay must be 1 page and have at least three paragraphs.  Use MLA format.

1.  How do international EFA targets and indicators constrain or enable global, national and local level action towards the achievement of quality education for all?

2.  Do you think current EFA goals and strategies sufficiently support broader global goals of poverty reduction and equity? Why or why not?

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3.  What challenges and opportunities for EFA might emerge from new donors to education (e.g. China, Brazil, India, Turkey, South Korea, Russia)?

4.  How has the engagement of a growing number of non-state actors in EFA, including local, national and transnational civil societies, the private sector and philanthropic organizations, influenced EFA goals, strategies and outcomes?

5.  In your view, what are the chances of success for recent international efforts to achieve EFA?

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