6- In this discussion tell me why we make illogical decisions, are more impulsive, and say brash things when we are heated or emotional. What part or areas of the brain are used in emotion regulation and which part is used in logical decision making? Could knowledge of this help to deter relational issues? 

1. Briefly describe how a neuron at a resting potential becomes activated. 

2. Briefly describe the Autonomic division of the Peripheral Nervous System. Explain and contrast the two divisions of the Autonomic Nervous System. 

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3. List and explain the functionality of each neurochemical discussed in our chapter. What do they control, etc? (Bonus points for cool facts about each)

4. Briefly describe the location and functionality of each of the major lobes of the brains? (Parietal, frontal, temporal, and occipital)

5. Describe the functionality of the Endocrine System. Compare and contrast it to the Nervous system.

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