Using the information that you have compiled over the past four modules, prepare your summary recommendation  for Gentry Inc. and its plan to expand internationally. Remember that  the company is trying to raise $50 million to expand via an IPO and debt  issuance.  

Create a 10-15 slide presentation  detailing your findings. Your recommendation should be 1-2 slides. Note  that the title slide and reference slides are not included in the 10-15  total. Be sure to include academic references in your presentation as  well as any charts or graphs to convey your financial information. 

Include a summary the deliverables from Modules 02-04 in the presentation.

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Your slides should flow as a cohesive presentation, not a patchwork of distinct pieces of information.  

Modules 3-4 included in files.  Module 2 I will list what the requirements were on here.

**Part below does not need to be completed but some of the details on here are what need to included for the Module 2 portion of the presentation.**

Based on the concepts that you learned this week from the assigned  videos and articles surrounding growth strategies for companies, make an  initial assessment of whether Gentry should expand into China, Japan,  and Germany all at one time or in a phased approach. 

In your assignment, recall the strategies that you  discussed in this module’s discussion questions about the different  types of financial investments companies use for growth. 

Include the advantages and disadvantages of  expanding with debt and equity (using the information that you learned  in this module’s materials).

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