Political Propaganda

Type “propaganda ads” in a search engine and review the Images section of the results. Select a political propaganda advertisement to evaluate.Consider the ethical standards for political persuasion.Think about the role of symbols used in persuasion. How are symbols ethically or unethically used in propaganda to achieve persuasive communication?Submit a 3-page paper in which you explain the use of propaganda in your selected political advertisement. Then, explain how the symbols in your selected political propaganda advertisement adhere to or violate ethical standards. Include the image of the advertisement you chose.References should come from:Larson, C. U. (2013). Persuasion: Reception and responsibility (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth.Chapter 2, “Perspectives on Ethics in Persuasion”“Importance of Ethics” (pp. 41–47)“Ethical Standards for Political Persuasion” (pp. 55–68)Chapter 2 focuses on the importance of ethical issues and standards in the persuasion process.Chapter 5, “The Making, Use, and Misuse of Symbols” (pp. 119–142)Chapter 5 explores the role of symbols used in persuasive messages. It explains the power of metaphors in persuasion and provides a model for analyzing and creating them.

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