Organizational/Communication Crisis

1. Locate a recent (or past) organizational crisis that has been in the news. Describe the crisis and provide suggestions about how you would have dealt with the crisis in a more productive manner. Provide the link(s) to the crisis information so I can read it, too!2. Choose an organization (or use your own) and create a crisis communication plan.Your plan should include the following parts:Introduction & Table of ContentsBrief organization background to serve as information for crisis management teamDescription of the Plan’s Purpose, including itsIdentify types of crises your organization could face (categorize these under broad headings, ex. accidents, financial, personnel, etc.)NeedsBenefitsIdentify a crisis management teamIdentify third party potential supporters or credible expertsImmediate Response ChecklistEstablish procedure for dealing with the Media during a crisisPress release templateProcedure for evaluating the crisis plan

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