Monitoring Your Program or Policy

With your action plan already in place, the  next step is to analyze whether your intervention provides solutions to  the problems you seek to solve. Continuing with the Fictionland  scenario, this week you will prepare a presentation that describes how  you will monitor your program or policy and discusses your research  design plan.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 7–10  slides, highlighting your process evaluation strategy for monitoring the  implementation of your program or policy.

Outline your process evaluation strategy by deciding how you will monitor the following dimensions of your program or policy:

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  • Targets
  • Program staff or individuals responsible for implementing the program or policy
  • Demonstrate how the monitoring plan will evaluate the intervention’s impact, performance, and efficiency.

You must come up with at least two  questions per dimension that will allow you to measure whether the  critical elements of the program or policy have been implemented  properly.

Specify the Research Design

Specify the design of your program or  policy to analyze whether it provides solutions to the problems  presented in the project scenario for the Fictionland Police Department.  Be sure to complete all assigned readings for the week, including the  pdf documents. Include the answers to the following questions in your  report:

  • Among the many possible design approaches, which design will you employ?
  • Why do you consider this to be the best design for your study?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the approach you have selected?
  • Are there any potential complicating factors that you can anticipate?
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