Marketing Strategy

read it carefully and satisfied all of those! Firstly you need to read the article ” Marketing Myopia”, you can Google it to read. No more than 2 pages!! For get an A, you need to have 3 outside sources and profound original thinking. Write about marketing cuz this is a marketing strategy class. Try your best plz.

The second assignment: (consumer behavior class)

– Your assignment should be 1 page (single-sided), double-spaced, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins

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– Instructions:

In class, we discussed 6 types of perceived risk (performance, physical, social, psychological, time, and financial). 

  •Perceived Risk: the extent to which a consumer is uncertain about the consequences of buying, using, or disposing of an offering

Performance risk – will the product perform?

Physical risk – is it safe?

Social risk – will it hurt my social standing?

Psychological risk – does it fit with what I think of myself?

Time risk – do I have the time to invest in it?

Financial risk – can I afford it? What happens to my investment if something goes wrong?

Identify a product/service (either a specific product or a product category) that is risky according to at least one of these types. 

NOTE: You may not use a product that I gave as an example of risk during class  (e.g., google glass, durex, cars, keurig, etc.). 

1) What is the product/service (specific product/service or product/service category)?

2) What type of risk(s) are associated with this product/service? Explain.

3) Given the risk(s) you identified, if you were a marketing manager, how could you market the product/service? Hint: we talked about marketing strategies for when the risk is beneficial vs. detrimental.

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