History of War

Length: 1,000 words 

(+/- 10%; excluding notes and bibliography)

 1. ‘War and atrocity are inseparable.’ Discuss using historical example(s) or a case study.

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 2. ‘War is gendered, and women are its victims.’ Discuss using historical example(s) or a case study. 

3. Should historical wars be remembered? Details: It will be expected that each essay will present a discussion and argument in response to ONE of the above questions, and incorporate references to at least 4 scholarly sources.

 A scholarly source is a peer reviewed article, chapter or book published by a reputable scholarly publisher (eg. an academic journal, or publishing house such as Cambridge University Press, Palgrave, Routledge, etc.). You may also include any number of other sources in addition to your scholarly sources (eg. media reports, etc.).

The essay has a specific format. It will consist of:

(1)  an introduction stating your aims and objectives in the essay, and briefly framing your argument.

(2)  A logical and coherent series of body paragraphs in which you develop your argument.

(3)  A conclusion that does not merely summarise the essay, but reflects on the the implications of your argument, and/or the historical significance of the topic.

You may use subheadings in your essay, but no dot points please! Graphs, tables, and illustrations may also be used (as long as they are appropriately labelled).  All sources must be appropriately cited with a bibliography listing all sources cited in the essay. You may use either footnotes or in-text citations.


1. Comprehension of the subject matter.  

2. Quality of argument and discussion.

3. Use of evidence or scholarly research.

4. Clear structure.

5. Quality of writing and presentation (including a clear and consistent method of citation and bibliography).

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