Healthcare Reform

Part I: The  world is becoming smaller and smaller and when companies look to expand they  often look outside their original footprint. Rasmussen Healthcare Systems is  looking to expand their system to another state. To help advise Rasmussen on  this decision, you will write 4-5 pages that compare and contrast the  healthcare reform policies of the state where you reside and another state of  your choice. Please keep in mind the position and facility you selected. Make  sure to include the following:

  1. Discuss the purpose of each state’s reform.
  2. Describe a minimum of three specific examples of       similarities and differences in healthcare reform policies in the two       states.
  3. Discuss in detail some of the ethical issues and moral       disputes in each state’s reform.
  4. Discuss your recommendation on whether Rasmussen       Healthcare Systems should expand to the second state.
  5. This portion of your assignment will require you to       research and examine information from various sources. Use a minimum of       five credible sources for your paper, with three being an academic source       from the Rasmussen College Online Library (don’t forget to include in-text       citations throughout your paper with paraphrasing or quoting).
  6. Make sure to include your APA formatted reference page.

Example of Potential Useful Websites

Part II: PowerPoint  is typically the application of choice when conducting a meeting. There are many  philosophies on how to create an effective PowerPoint, so do some research on  the dos and don’ts. Then create a professional PowerPoint that you would  present to the management team at your location that highlights your research.  SkillSurfer in the online tutoring platform offers beginner, intermediate, and  advanced tutorials on Microsoft Office products. Make sure to include the  following in your PowerPoint:

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  1. Length of PowerPoint is up to the student.
  2. Highlight specific policy changes in each state’s reform.
  3. Highlight each similarity and difference.
  4. Highlight your final recommendation on whether       Rasmussen Healthcare Systems should expand to the other state.
  5. Use the Notes area on each slide as needed to expand on       the key points.
  6. You may use a free screen capture site such as Screencast-O-Matic to record a video of your presentation.       Screencast-O-Matic is a site and program that can perform screen desk and       audio capture up to 15 minutes for free, and can be utilized on a Windows       or Mac computer. (Note: You can       use a similar program if you prefer. Screencast-O-Matic is just one suggestion). Make sure that both your voice and the       PowerPoint slides are captured on the video. Your presentation should be       10 minutes or less.
  7. If you are utilizing the Screencast-O-Matic option,       please watch this short instructional video on how to record, upload, and       provide your instructor with the web link to your recorded presentation.       If you would like to present your PowerPoint document within a live       session, please reach out to your instructor for more details.

Your presentation should include an introduction, a concise  discussion of each slide, and a conclusion. Make sure to use audience specific  language and tone in your PowerPoint. Remember, you would be presenting this to  the management team at your location. The presentation will be assessed on your  overall knowledge of the content, clarity of your voice, pronunciation of  words, organization of your presentation, proper recording of your  presentation, overall aesthetics and professionalism, and general clarity to  your presentation.

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