Government and Politics of MENA Region

Instructions: One page minimum per question; 1.5 spaced. Please place your name & date at the top of the page. Then please write the question(s) you are answering first then your response. Please use a consistent form of citations throughout your response paper. 

The Questions are:

1) Nationalism defined by a man – Nasserism…. please explain in detail Nasserism’s main principles and who is Gamal Abdel Nasser?

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2) Please explain in detail Ba’athism: its inception/beginning, its founders, and its main principles (please include Syria and Iraq in your response).

3) Please describe the Kurds as an example of a stateless nation and as a discussion of the concept of nationalism.  (Please include what happened to the Kurds in Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s regime.)

4) What is meant by a rentier economy? and please give two country examples from the Middle East and North Africa.

5) Please explain the major motives behind British and French intervention in the Middle East in the late 19th century?

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