Gordon Rule Essay Assignment – The Matrix

Idea:Neo wakes up and asks Morpheus why his eyes are hurting, to which Morpheus answers that his eyes hurt because he has never used them before. There are two worlds, reality and what we perceive to be reality. One is real, but people in the simulation cannot realize there is a real world out there. “The matrix is all around us.  It is a world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth…that you are a slave Neo, like everyone else, you were born into bondage…a prison for your mind.”* You may ONLY use our textbook “Does the center hold” and the movie as sources for your essays.* Use two textbook citations: Palmer, Edition number, page numbers (in    parentheses at the end of the relevant quote or paraphrasing), to provide some foundation for your topic*  Use two scenes from the movie. When using the required movie scenes provide the relevant scene times (e.g. The Matrix, 00:45 to 01:15*  essay must be between 750-1000 words

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