Famous Faces of Bipolar Disorder

Famous Faces of Bipolar DisorderThroughout this unit we discussed many types of mood disorders. This unit opened up with a video in which Kanye West discusses his life with bipolar disorder. Many people, famous people included, suffer from mood disorders. For this assignment read this article about the 8 Famous faces on Bipolar Disorder. Use the article (or other source) to select two famous people who have a mood disorder.8 Famous Faces of Bipolar DisorderAnalyzewhat the aspects of bipolar disorder looked like for two famous people. Remember, don’t just look at celebrities but look back in history to find historical figures as well.Include each of the following points in your discussion:·  Write a 1-page biography for each of the two people you selected (2 pages total) and include elements pertaining to their mood disorder·  What did this disorder look like in their daily lives?·  What were their behaviors?·  How did the disorder affect their lives?