On this assignment I have to answer the posts that my classmates have posted in the classroom. Can you please help me answer them? Thanks.

  • 1- I found this chapter interesting as well. I can’t help but to think that even though our economy has been on the rise since world war II, we have made great strides in keeping our country running smoothly in spite of the increasing debt our country is in. in the last 4 years just my company alone has closed several facilities causing several employees to be without a job. Wal-Mart just announced they were closing 154 Wal-Mart’s across the country and 6 of them are in my home state of Oklahoma. I can’t help but wonder if our economy is really growing since there are several hundred employees that will be without jobs across the United States. 
  • 2- After reading chapter 24, I gained a better understanding about the frameworks economist’s uses to analyze the problems within the economy.  Long-run growth focuses on supply and the short-run focus on demand. Modern conventional economics is a combination of Keynesian approach which focus on short-run and government intervention and Classical which focus on long run.  Conventional macroeconomic policies may help an economy climb out of a recession, but not out of a structural stagnation.
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