BUS 3022 #1


NewEgg.com Order Fulfillment

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Watch the video, NewEgg.com Order Fulfillment, and discuss the importance of their warehouse order and inventory management system, and its impact on customer satisfaction. Discuss how their warehouse system helps them reduce costs but also maintain speed and accuracy in handling each customer order.

BUS 3022 #2


How UPS Works

Watch the video on How UPS Works and read the CNET.com article, UPS and the art of sorting a million packages a day, and then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of their central cross dock Worldport facility in Louisville, Kentucky.

Discuss in your post, the impact that cross docking has on inventory costs, material handling costs and transportation costs, and how it also impacts customer satisfaction.

PSYC 2700

Building on our discussions from last week, we will continue discussing early and late childhood.

Identify a toy that is appropriate for this age group and share a picture or link.

  • How does this toy help a child’s development?
    • Can you share a situation where you have observed this?
    • What theory explains how this toy helps a child’s development?
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