Answer the following question:

Organization development is both a professional field of social action and an area of scientific inquiry. Several definitions are presented in Table 1.1. of your textbook (Cummings & Worley, p. 3).

The definition used throughout the text is as follows: “Organization development is a system-wide application and transfer of behavioral science knowledge to the planned development, improvement, and reinforcement of the strategies, structures, and processes that lead to organization effectiveness.”

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The professional OD role can apply to internal consultants who belong to the organization undergoing change, to external consultants who are members of universities and consulting firms or are self-employed, and to members of internal-external consulting teams. Values have played a key role in OD, and traditional values promoting trust, collaboration, and openness have been supplemented recently with concerns for improving organizational effectiveness and productivity. As a profession, OD always has shown a concern for the ethical conduct of its practitioners, and several ethical codes for OD practice have been developed by various professional associations.

  • Compare the various characteristics of the organization and the role of OD.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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