Developing A Research Proposal

The homework assignments for this course will all be related to your Research Proposal Paper.  Through the homework you will build a research proposal step by step so that by the end of this course you will be able to compile your homework into a research proposal.  The first step in this process is to decide on a topic.

I would like you to find a crime problem in your neighborhood, city, workplace, etc. that you believe you could develop a solution to.  You are free to choose any crime issue, regardless of whether it has been addressed formally or not.

Unit 1 Assignment:

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Complete and submit Developing a Research Proposal Question 1 through 3.

Question #1 will be the topic that you chose to complete the rest of the questions for the remainder of this course along with your research proposal.

1. What topic would you focus on if you could design a social research project without any concern for costs? What are your motives for studying this topic? 

2. Develop four questions that you might investigate about the topic you selected. Each question should reflect a different research motive: description, exploration, explanation, or evaluation. Be specific. 

3. Which question most interests you? Would you prefer to attempt to answer that question with quantitative or qualitative methods? Why?

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