Current Issue in Psychology/”bathrooom bill”

1000 words  due tomorrowThe legal landscape is perpetually changing. Psychologists must remain abreast of these changes to avoid potentially damaging issues to individuals and careers. In this assignment, you will consider the current federal and state legal issues discussed in the last two modules and their influence on psychology ethics. Choose either a current federal or a current state issue which is influenced by and/or is influencing psychology ethics.1.   Explanation of Current Ethical Conflict Issue2.   How the Issue Influences Psychology Ethics from an Objective (Scholarly)    Perspective3.   How the Issue Influences Psychology Ethics from a Subjective (Personal) Perspective4.  How, if at all, the Issue Is Influenced by Current Psychology Ethics5.  ConclusionThe paper must address the following:The APA Ethics Code is the guide for all psychologists. Learners should be fully aware of this in order to regulate their behavior as psychologists and psychological researchers with regard to resolving ethical issues, human relations, advertising and public statements, research and publication, therapy.Analyze components of the APA ethics code.Propose applications of APA ethics code to varied fields.Evaluate state laws governing the practice of psychology and   psychological research.Analyze state sanctions for legal and/or ethical violations.