Cross Cultural Management d4

#1      Review the Bias in the Media timeline and think about the use of language in the video clips, including diction, word choice and tone. Explore the use of images to impact perception.1.      How does the language used by the reporters in the clips impact perceptions about the people being shown in the video?2.      Does the reporters use of language influence those watching the clips?  In what ways?3.      How do the video images affect how we see ourselves and how we interact with others?4.      Examine the timeline of clips and news reports.  Do you think that the “era” in which the story happened impacts how the news is conveyed?  Why or why not?  How has news reporting changed and evolved over time?  Use research and share that information to explain your response.5.      What recommendations would you provide: to media outlets regarding their reporting (if given the opportunity) regarding language, imagery, and influence on the public?#2Read the Case Study 7.1: Jason African American Manager (Carr-Ruffino, p. 277). This case examines a motivated employee and his attempts at career advancement. Review the steps for completing a case study analysis (page 75) and the respond to the case questions 1 – 3. Your initial post should be several paragraphs to fully address the questions.For case studiesStep 1: Identify surface problems: What problems do I see (listed in case or observed in actual situations)?Step 2: Ask Why-Why to get root problem: Why are these problems occurring? What is going on beneath the surface or in the background that is causing them? Do I need to again ask Why these underlying reasons are occurring (why-why)?Step 3: Generate Solutions: What are some possible solutions to these problems?Step 4: Take action or make recommendations: as a manager or consultant, what should I recommend as the best viewpoints and actions to take?