Case study PUB 503

Many threads entwined, like a handmade quilt, to form a concept of power that encompasses and binds all those that participate. From the very beginning, the point of conception, we are constantly impacted by what appears to be random acts of irregularities observed in the immediate surroundings. We were brought into world torn between the values and activities of our caretakers and those that are held responsible for managing our environment. For the most part if we abide by the norms and rules of the governments and those organizations that hold us accountable, we become basically invisible to those that are in charge.  However sometimes unintended events happen that leaves us helpless to the point we have to reach for those in government to helps us in our hour of need. Depending on who you deal with, an elected official, a career a public servant, or a private contractor, this could turn into a nightmare.

Your case study is to explore how politicians’, career civil servants and those private contractors employed by the government to deal with those challenges in an area of your interest.  This could be problems that deal with the homeless, victims of natural disasters, health challenges, transportation, global warming and a whole host of local and global challenges. Unfortunately the government can’t solve all of our personal problems, but that doesn’t mean they are not allow to help when the opportunity arises.   Enjoy.  

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