Review Chapter 2 Cases 1 and 2 as the basis for your research


Based on your readings, current literature,  and the Fraud Examiners Manual analyze these 2 cases and include the following in your discussions (you are not simply answering the questions in these cases):

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  • What similarities do you see in these cases regarding ethics violations (could they have been avoided, how, etc)?
  • Identify, in detail, what specific ethics violations have occurred in these cases as they related to the AICPA, ACFE, and your State Board (be sure to note the state).
  • Discuss what polices you would put in place at both of these firms to avoid any future ethics violations.


  •      3 pages total (not including title page, abstract or reference page)
  • Proper APA format
  •      Minimum of 3 scholarly sources not including your textbook
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