Week 5 Assignment:

Responses to each question should fully answer and explore the question, may be less than or around 500 words (or whatever word count fully answers each question), and should be supported with scholarly research from your textbook and also often from outside internet sources, excluding wiki sources. Remember that well-written responses do not need to be excessively wordy. Be sure to paraphrase and cite your sources. Refer to APA.

Check Your Understanding (40%):

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1. What was the primary purpose of the FCPA?

2. What was the maximum fine for a U.S.corporation under the FCPA?

3. Which two distinct areas did the FCPA focus on?

4. List four examples of routine governmental action

5. What are the three steps in calculating financial penalties under FSGO?

6. Explain the seven steps of an effective compliance program.

7. What were the three key components of the 2004 Revised FSGO?

8. Explain the role of the PCAOB.

9. What are the five key requirements for auditor independence?

10. What issues prompted the revision of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations in 2004?

Exercises (20%) approx 350 to 400 words

1. Which is the most effective piece of legislation for enforcing ethical business practices: FCPA, FSGO, SOX, or Dodd-Frank? Explain your answer.

Case Study (40%)  – approx 500 words

Review issues 6 and 7 from Taking Sides. Choose one issue to respond to. Which viewpoint do you side with? Why? Explain. Reference at least two outside resources that further support the viewpoint you side with.

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