Application security research paper

Over  the course of this semester, you will be asked to write a  research paper about an application security topic of your choice. The  research paper development will consist of: (a) research paper topic  (defining the topic of your research), (b) annotated bibliography  (finding literature about the topic), (c) draft research paper  (producing a draft paper based on the research topic/lit. review) and  (d) final research paper (improving on the draft and writing a final  paper). This week you will submit the research paper topic, please use  the template provided.

The research topic paper should present a general research topic about Application Security, narrow the topic down to a specific topics (subtopics) and then frame/explore an issue related to the specific topic. You should present and develop an argument concerning the issue. 

Submit  a 800 (minimum) word paper (about 3 pages) in which you provide a  discussion on an Application Security topic of your choice.

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Assignment Requirements:

Submitted  work is to be proofread carefully and should not exhibit mechanical  errors, such as spelling mistakes. Grammar should be checked for  accuracy prior to submission. Students should select a writing style  that is appropriate for the genre: for academic genres, an appropriate  scholarly style is required. Proper citations, professional vocabulary  in the field of study, and application of the concepts presented in the  course texts are expected in each assignment.

All assignments must be original work.  Plagiarism or verbatim copying of sources without proper  attribution (so-called “cut and paste”) will result in failing the  assignment and potentially failing the course; it can also lead to  disciplinary sanctions from the college.

Papers are to be written in Microsoft Word using Times New Roman 12 pt. font with standard margins, double-spaced.  

Citations and the Reference List do not count in the page or word limit as indicated for each assignment.

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