Week 5: Discussion: Renal and Digestive System Disorders

This week, we discussed digestive and urinary system disorders. Select a topic from your readings, outcomes, objectives, concepts and sub-concepts (below) and present a question that applies to a concept or a disease process, wellness or illness. Submit your question in the following formats: audio, text or webcam. Once your comment has been posted, submit responses to your peers’ questions and comments. Consider the outcomes, objectives and concepts below when formulating your initial question.Your question and response should explain, illustrate, justify, trace, discuss, compare, contrast, agree or disagree, interpret, evaluate, and summarize.Weekly Outcomes & Weekly ObjectivesArticulate alterations in structure and function of the renal and digestive systems. (CO 1)Trace the impact that alterations in the renal and digestive systems have on the body. (CO 2)Summarize the impact of alterations in the renal and digestive systems on homeostasis. (CO 3)Understand normal renal and digestive system physiology.Describe common types of renal disorders: causes, clinical manifestations, diagnostic tests, and treatments.Compare and contrast common renal conditions: causes, clinical manifestations, diagnostic tests, and treatments.Apply understanding of alterations in the renal and digestive system across the lifespan to formulate care priorities.Discuss the renal system’s role in acid-base balance.Review the renal systems function in fluid and electrolyte homeostasisExamine responses to aging and its impact on pathophysiologic changes in the renal and digestive systems.Describe how heredity and genetics influence pathophysiological alterations in the renal and digestive systems.Main Topics and Concepts & Sub-Concepts with ExemplarAlterations in the renal and urologic system: eliminationAlterations in the physical structureAlterations in functionCancers of the renal and urinary tract systemsPathophysiologic renal and urologic response to agingGenetic influences on renal and urologic system pathologyAlterations in the gastrointestinal system: eliminationAlterations in physical structuresAlterations in functionCancers of the gastrointestinal systemPathophysiologic gastrointestinal response to agingGenetic influences on gastrointestinal system pathologyAcid-base imbalance: urinalysis, blood testingAcute versus chronic conditionsRenal failureConstipationCellular regulation: colon cancerFluid imbalances: dialysisMetabolism: digestion and absorption, liver diseaseElimination: diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, renal calculiNutrition: nausea, vomiting, celiac diseaseTissue Integrity: peptic ulcer disease, gastritisInfection: pyelonephritis, urinary tract infection, hepatitis CGenetics: polycystic kidney disease, colon polypsFor full credit, your initial post should:-introduce the question-include 2 scholarly sources (one is an assigned reading, the other is a journal article or credible website)***BOOK PDF POSTED BELOW***

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