Week 2_Topic Selection and Proposal

This week, you will select your topic of research for the Course Project. You will need to define the chosen topic, provide a brief description of the emergent technology, and provide a plan to help you move forward with your research and organization processes. Use the template below to produce your Team Topic Selection and Proposal. Each team member must submit a copy of the Topic Selection and Team Proposal this week.

This assignment is worth 50 points.  

Step 1: Identify your team and team members  

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            Team 1


Step 2: Identity your topic.  

  • Provide a paragraph length topic description.
  • Defineany terms or technologies as needed.

Step 3: Outline major ethical concerns.

  • What are the key ethical concerns circulating your topics?
  • What is the relationship between your selected technology and ethics?
  • Generate a list of at least three ethical questions.

Step 4: Identify a potential argument.

  • Propose a preliminary thesis statementthat makes a value judgment about your selected technology.

Step 5: Identify potential subtopics for investigation.

  • List potential subsections or subtopicsthat will help explore your technology and the ethical concerns it engages.
  • Provide brief descriptions of potential subtopics.

Step 6: Divide responsibilities.

  • Identify which team member will be working on each subtopic for the project.

Step 7: Reflect on your role.

  • Individual Reflection: This section should be developed individually for each team member as part of his or her individual submissions.
    • What will your role be?
    • What is your topic?
    • How does your topic relate to your proposed thesis statement?
    • What is your research plan for moving forward?

Grading Rubric

Total: 50

Content Points
Selects appropriate topic and defines key ethical concerns 10
Provides a tentative thesis statement and previews areas to be explored 20
Provides a detailed team and individual plan for next steps 20
Total 50

Don’t forget to submit your assignment.

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