Unit 4 Group Work


  • Group members are to prepare answers for Groupwork Questions.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to each question. Critical thinking skills can include interpretation, analysis, inference, evaluation, explanation, and self-regulation.


  • Focus on labor relations concepts when answering the questions.
  • Consolidate your group response into one document using the APA writing style in a Microsoft word format (*.docx or *.doc) or rich text format (*.rft).
  • Do not include a Coversheet, Abstract, or Executive Summary.
  • The name of each participating group member must appear in the upper right side of the document for credit.
  • Post each question first then place the group response directly under the question. Failure to post the question first will result in a minimum of 5 point reduction.
  • Textbook references and Web-based sources are required. Refer to grading rubric.
  • Refer to Assignment and Grading for the grading rubric and general group work requirements.
  • Submit your assignment by uploading it to Canvas.
  • Late group work submissions are not allowed without the instructor’s permission. With Instructor permission, five or more points are deducted for lateness.

Due Date

  • Due by Sunday 11:59 p.m., CT.

Groupwork Questions

The Group is “Local H-56 Bargaining Team.” Go to The Zinnia website (Links to an external site.). Click on the “corporate intranet pages” link. Enter the password “Justice” at the bottom left and then click on “Go” to access the Local H-56 Bargaining Team Internal Memos. Read the “Rank and File Survey” to answer questions 1 through 4.

  1. Develop a two column table with the headings Mandatory and Permissive. Under each heading, place the appropriate item.
  2. Item “Holidays.” There are nine holidays with double time. Are the number of paid holidays the norm or are the rank and file asking for excessive paid holidays? Are the number of paid holidays negotiable? Why or why not?
  3. Of what value is the “Rank and File Survey” to the Bargaining Team since the survey is “informal”? What is the next step the Bargaining Team should take concerning the survey?
  4. Item “Subcontracting: None allowed.” What is the reason for “None allowed”? Would there be any exceptions?
  5. Does the Bargaining Team plan to use “Pattern Bargaining” during the upcoming negotiations? What is “Pattern Bargaining?” Is it a viable option?
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