unit 3 safety management

Unit III AssignmentSafety Management System (SMS) Implementation(Safety and Health Action Plan)Using the Plan-Do-Can-Act (PDCA) model we have discussed, you will develop a safety and health implementation plan.The plan will be compiled in phases during the next four units. In Unit VII, you will reference this information to develop a PowerPoint presentation, which will serve as your course project. In this assignment, you are in the planning (P) phase of the implementation. You will develop a safety managementimplementation plan, which will include a safety and health policy statement.Continuing with the scenario introduced in Unit II (review Unit II PowerPoint assignment in the syllabus), you have just received notice from upper management that they are ready to move forward with the implementation of a safety management system. As the safety expert at the company, you have been tasked with leading the development and implementation process. As you are in the initial phase of your project, you recognize the importance of compiling animplementation plan. Using the information you have covered in Units I, II, and III and the supplemental documentation, prepare an action plan for your safety management system.Your plan should include the following elements:a written safety and health policy statement, three clearly defined occupational safety and health (OSH) objectives, performance criteria roles and responsibilities (i.e., what is to be done, by whom, and when), and the strategies on how measurement criteria for confirming the objectives are achieved.Your action plan should be two to three pages. Be sure to use at least one additional scholarly source (such as an academic article from the CSU Online Library and/or a government safety source such as OSHA) besides your textbook as a reference for your assignment. All sources must be cited and referenced according to APA standards.