Risk Management Plan

  1. Select a facility you would like to use for your project. This should be a sport facility near you where you will be able to gain access. Don’t make this too difficult. You can use a local youth sport field or you can choose to gain access to a major facility in your area by networking and meeting with a facility manager who will give you full access when the facility is open. If you are using a recreational field, you will be auditing the entire facility including the parking lot, concessions stands, bathrooms, bleachers, etc. If you elect to use a major facility, see more information under sections 2 & 3

To the writer. The sport facility selected is a high school football field that can be used for other sports such as soccer, baseball, and track

  • Create a list of all events happening at your facility.

To the Writer: What other events can be held at this facility?

  • Make a list of controllable factors and uncontrollable factors.

Example of controllable – Potholes fixed for a marathon

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Example of uncontrollable – Tornado

  • Make a list of thirty (30) potential risks possible in the sport you selected that takes place in your facility. Choose five (5) risks from each of these six (6) different areas:  1) equipment, 2) facilities, 3) supervision, 4) participants, 5) spectators, and 6) emergency procedures.  Your risks should be numbered 1-30.  

To the writer: The sport selected for these risks is soccer

Section 2 of your Project includes the following.

  1. Using your list of 30 risks, plug your risks, all thirty (30) of them, into a Risk Category Matrix like the one set forth in the text (top of p. 277).  In order to simplify the number of severity categories, you can eliminate “critical.”  This will give you three severity categories: catastrophic, moderate and low. Plug each risk into the appropriate box in the Matrix and put the number you assigned next to it in parentheses. At a later time, you will be adding another column to this form.’
  • Obtain permission from a high-level manager in the facility you chose to conduct a facility audit and create an RM plan. You must provide the name, title, and phone number for the individual who gives you permission. You will only have to audit the main game area, parking lot, one bathroom, and one major section of bleachers. Of course, if they give access to you for the entire facility, you might want to consider doing this and give them a comprehensive audit of their facility. Could land you a job!

To the Writer:  Can you develop an Facility Audit form for me to use? 

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