Risk Management Plan

Create a Risk Management Plan

Using this template, you are to construct a Risk Management Plan.  This is a team assignment.  Your team is to complete each section of the Risk Management Plan.  The complete Risk Management Plan is to be submitted by the deadline assigned by your instructor.  Each plan must include a summary page that clearly identifies which team members were responsible for specific sections of the Plan. A rubric is included to help each team understand how the assignment will be graded. For reference a PowerPoint slide deck describing the various Risk Management Plan sections can be found on the course home page on Moodle.

Rubric for Risk Management Plan

The plan contains all of the required sections and demonstrates a team effort.

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The information contained in the plan section(s) demonstrates a knowledge and understanding of the requirements.


The plan section(s) provide a complete discussion of the information necessary for the plan section(s).  All of the required information is included and the material is presented in a concise, understandable, and organized manner.  A team member reading the plan would understand the process and procedures, goals and intent of each plan section.


The text is grammatically correct and free from spelling and punctuation errors and the plan demonstrates each team member contributing equally.

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