Psychology case Study

1500 words excluding reference list – APA format 6th edition

Marika is a 29-year-old woman who was referred by her psychiatrist. The psychiatrist had prescribed appropriate medications, and felt that psychological therapy would also be beneficial for Marika. She was referred to the psychiatrist by her GP after experiencing a difficult period at work. As a senior project manager who had recently been assigned to a new team, she became very excited by what she felt was a great opportunity. Marika was eager to ‘revolutionise’ the new team and encourage the employees who worked for her. She worked long hours, rarely going home to sleep as she felt she had so many ideas she needed to record. While her boss was pleased with her enthusiasm, concerns arose due to complaints by other employees who felt she expected too much and that it was difficult to understand her due to the rapidity with which she presented ideas. Prior to this, work had been going well, although before starting her current job she had been feeling very down. At that time her GP had diagnosed her with depression but had not prescribed any medications.

  1.  From the information here, what would you suspect as Marika’s primary diagnosis and why? Describe in addition an alternative, nonpathological explanation for her experiences related to cultural and/or social factors.
  2. Assuming Marika’s condition is pathological, describe two alternative psychological therapies that you would expect to be effective in treating her. With specific regard to Marika’s primary diagnosis, include theoretical underpinnings of each therapy and a description of what the therapies entail.
  3. Describe and critique empirical evidence for the therapies. Based on this information and your understanding of Marika, discuss which therapy would be most efficacious and why.
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