Principles of Management DB- 300 Words

References.  As advancements in technology affect the way organizations operate, discuss ways technology (automation, information technology, the Internet, innovation) alter the way organizations plan and operate.2.  How has technological advancement affected your life and the way you do your work in your organization?3.  Please use class material to support your answer.ReferencesHibbert, L. (2015). Innovation and skilled management made these two British engineering companies world leaders. Professional Engineering, 28(8), 3. Retrieved from Psychological Assoc.)FREEDMAN, D., VILLANO, M., & Horwitz, C. (2015). What’s Your Type? Entrepreneur, 43(11), 56–68. Retrieved from Psychological Assoc.)ReferencesHlupic, V. (2015). Management shift. Training Journal, 57–59. Retrieved from, A., & Robinson, M. (2015). At the heart of innovation. Training Journal, 38–41. Retrieved from, M. (2008). Guide to INNOVATION. Industrial Engineer: IE, 40(6), 38–41. Retrieved from