Patterns: firearms, tool marks, tire tracks, and footprints

Your presentation must address the following elements:

  • description of the type(s) of evidence included in this category
  • an overview of how that type of evidence emerged
  • how it was first used and any historical significance
  • current uses
  • how it should be documented
  • packaging methods
  • explanation of why this methodology is used
  • potential admissibility issues in court

Your presentation should have a minimum of five content slides  (excluding cover and reference slides) and be at least three minutes  long. Support your presentation with examples from this week’s required  material(s) and/or other scholarly resources and properly cite any  references either in the text, on bullet points, or in the notes  section.

You must use at least one scholarly or credible professional resource  to support your presentation. The presentation must include a cover  slide, and references slide for sources cited in the body of the  presentation. In the notes section of the references slide, you must  indicate how the group divided the work.

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