Midterm Essay

The  first four units examine traditional leadership, adaptive leadership  and follower-ship concepts and applications. While these concepts may  appear to be disjointed, they can be woven together for an effective  leadership approach within an organization. In a 4-5 page essay, create a  comprehensive organizational leadership plan using adaptive leadership  and followership concepts. 

  1. Design a new leadership/followership model for an organization.  (Hint: this could be a new leadership/followership approach for your  organization/business/workplace.) Creativity is encouraged.
  2. Analyze the design for effectiveness. Question how this design will work.
  3. Compare the design with the previous leadership approach. Examine  and relate what is different and what is similar in this design.
  4. Consider your ah-ha moments, take aways, and impressions in this  design. (Hint: Illustrate why you would like to work in this  environment.):

In this essay, paragraphs should be concise, to the point, and convey  the author’s message with little effort on the reader’s part. Correct  grammar, punctuation, and citations are used. See the assignment rubric  for more information on the grading criteria.

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