MBA 5410

Ferrell, Fredrich, and Ferrell (2015) introduced the case of Connor at the beginning of the chapter and the ethical issue of safety, employee overwork, and intimidation. Make a case for the best solution for Connor using the ethical theories discussed in this chapter. Choose one ethical theory for a one paragraph argument. Try to choose a different theory from your classmates. You do not have to agree with the theory you choose, but correctly apply the theory.

Your initial post is due by midnight on Friday, day 3.  You must then follow up your initial post with a comment or addition to at least one other (preferably more) student’s post in this thread.  Your follow up comment is due by midnight on Tuesday, day 7.  

Include citations to support your answer. Avoid direct quotes Paraphrase using your own words to explain. Cite ideas from your textbook.

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