Marketing Management And Business Ethics

1. Using the MLB steroids case as an example, explain how unethical choices by some players harms players who comply with the rules. 350+ words.

And Two replies 250+words.


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2) Check below Discussion and Reply to below post 250 words
Introduction: The reason behind why the customer need marking. What demand that customer wants? By acknowledging all kinds of customers needs gives the huge profits. To get huge success in firms they need to understand the customers notation. By Daniel,2018 firms always act according to customer level criteria which they need to connect their goods and services to customer level. Furthermore, it’s been controversy question will be customer are doing always right?


As of today, the firms are using lots of cheap tricks like who to attract the customer on goods and services to push on customer satisfaction as season-based discounts. For instance, most of firms are targeting the customer even in monthly and weekly based advertising and coupons. Rapidly reducing the prices of goods and services by using coupons technique by selling them heavily. Huge advertising on products and newly posting their discounts in social media and they even using TV, radio station as well as newspaper (Warren,2010). Firms are providing huge benefits for customer in way of 30 day returns policy which includes very small product to huge products so customer can get convened how to deal with product by this option there are lots of chance were firms are getting loses by those customers.

Firms are still following like kind of “old school structure” Demand and supply chain process. This process is about to make end customer happy with their products. Firms do believe that customers are the key of success to any goods and services its well known fact, but this shows not only getting benefits from the customers but also, they need customer satisfaction. In these processes the firms are offering a huge discount and lots of investments on advertisements may leads to loss.

Anyway, as of today firms are believe in customers are always right. As they believe that customer are base line for the business, once the business kick start in growth and development wise automatically policy are started like coupons and warranty anyway firms are still thinks on profits and revenue systems so they provide end date on coupons and discounts sales (warren,2010) this might help the firms not to lose the profits thorough customers. Which also proves that customer is also not always right because if they don’t like any sales or products, they start circulating unwanted behavior in market.


I can conclude that customer is not always right. They might miss use the sales to overcome this firms need to market the best-selling products and good marketing strategy. It will help for both customs and firms.


Christopher, M. & Payne, A. & Ballantyne, D. (2018). Relationship marketing: bringing quality customer service and marketing together. 

Wagner, W. (2010). Divestment, entrepreneurial incentives, and the life cycle of the firm. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 37(5‐6), 591-611. 

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