Make An Excel And Powerpoint

1. Using the data covered in the Demography and Housing slides, generate five research questions to study (e.g. “Have home prices in the U.S. increased since 2010?”, “What is the racial composition of U.S. males?”). You are to create two research questions from Demography, two from Housing, and one from either category. You are to use at least 3 different data sources (e.g. census, CDC, NAR, etc.) in the overall project.  

2. Excel File: For each research question create an Excel sheet with your data set and one graph. You are to use each of the following graphs once in the overall project:

ü Bar chart (horizontal or vertical)

ü Pie chart

ü Histogram

ü Frequency table

ü Scatterplot (lined or unlined)

3. PowerPoint Presentation: For each question, create a PowerPoint slide containing one graph, up to three bullet points (optional), and hyperlinks to your data source website (make sure the links works). The PowerPoint should also contain an introduction slide  (e.g. name, project #, and class).