Financial Management

Based on the information that you learned about capital structure and  budgeting, determine what the optimal capital structure should be for  Gentry. You will need to determine how much equity (common stock) the  company will offer in the IPO and how much debt the company should  assume in their global expansion to meet the goal of $50 million. 

Provide your recommendation in a 500-word APA formatted paper.

Determine what capital structure will work best with your initial assessment. Describe the structure using the ratios.

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Include  the dollar amount of equity (common stock) the company should issue in  the IPO and how much debt the company should use for this expansion to  reach the $50 million goal. Explain your rationale.

Note: there is  no single answer to the question of the firm’s optimal capital  structure. Your assessment is weighted more heavily toward your logical  explanation rather than having the correct values for debt and equity. 

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