Essay on Monsters/Monstrosity in Visual Art

Fall 2019

English 102, Essay 1

Assignment Sheet

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Essay 1 Assignment: Prospectus and Annotated Bibliography

The prospectus will be your plan of action for the semester. Because you will be writing on the same topic for the entire semester, the prospectus will be used to pitch your narrowed topic and explain what facets you plan to pursue concerning your topic for the next three essays. 

Your narrowed topic must fit within the larger class topic of “Monsters/Monstrosity in Visual Art.” This means your topic must be centered around a visual art/artist that exhibits your idea of monstrosity. If your narrowed topic is an unconventional type of visual art, you must be able to defend/define it as visual art and provide enough appropriate sources to cover your topic throughout the semester.

The annotated bibliography will be a list of sources that you will use for the semester. (You may gain or lose a few, but this list will help you determine if you are able to find enough sources to sustain your research and cover your topic throughout the semester.) In addition to citing your sources, you will explain briefly why you chose each one and how you plan to utilize it in one or more of your upcoming essays.


Essay Requirements

· 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced with page numbers

· MLA style header and citations

· Minimum TEN sources, must include the following:

o THREE secondary scholarly sources

o At least ONE other secondary source

o TWO non-fiction primary sources

o At least ONE other primary source

o At least THREE other appropriate sources of your choice

· Completed self-evaluation rubric, p59 of the Comp. & Rhet. Guide

· Blank essay rubric, p67 of the Comp. & Rhet. Guide

· Submit prospectus and annotated bibliography in one document to Moodle

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