The requirement:

(1) Scale: (a) Did not submit the assignment = 0; (b) Had severe problems = 1 (e.g., only wrote a couple of short paragraphs; did not answer the case questions in section VI); (c) Had major problems = 2 (e.g., used bullet points; missed one question); (d) Had moderate problems = 3 (e.g., loose logic:too many grammatical/syntax errors); (e) Had minor problems = 4 (e.g., had minor issues with the answer for one of the questions; minor writing issues); (f) Excellent = 5. An excellent paper shall cogently answer the questions in VI, demonstrate coherent logical thinking, deliver deep insights, and be free of language problems.

(2) Please avoid using bullet points, which will fragment the flow of the write-up and make it difficult for me to examine the coherence of your logical progression.

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(3) The maximum length is two pages (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margin). Usually a paper that receives a “4” or “5” needs to be at least one and a half pages long, and balance concise argumentation and sufficient elaboration

1. Why has Disney been successful for so long?

2. Has Disney diversified too far in recent years?

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