Find an example of an intervention or phenomenon (psychological or otherwise) that you believe is an example of pseudoscience. 

Provide the name of the intervention/phenomenon and a brief description of what it is intended to accomplish (e.g., what condition does it treat?) and how it is purported to work.

Describe how the example you found matches the characteristics of pseudoscience presented in Table 5.1 of reading 2 (Bensley Ch. 5) and/or the characteristics of pseudoscience presented in the lecture video. In other words, what makes you think it is pseudoscientific?

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You must find an example of pseudoscience not covered in the readings or presented in the lecture or videos.

Please submit a typed document addressing the above points. Length should not exceed 1 double-spaced page. Please use 12-point Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins.

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