Please reword the paragraph in your OWN words DO NOT copy from and sites or USE the same words as in the paragraph.

  • 1-On the surface, from a consumer’s perspective, deflation sounds good. Prices fall which, you would think, would encourage people to buy more: everyone loves a deal. However, deflation affects much more than the price of goods, it refers to “an overall decline in the price level in the economy” (p. 567). Not only do prices fall, so too do wages, profits, and asset values. While lower housing prices are good for first time buyers, it also means lower resale values for home owners looking to sell or use their property as investment. Assets are used as collateral for loans so their decline affects consumer spending as well.

2- I have to write about what I learned from the videos and what I thought about it.

Watch the following Week 2 Khan Academy videos: 

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3- Expand view

You have been working for your current employer for over 10 years and your job, while it does not have many opportunities, is fairly secure.  You are offered a position as a new manager for a company that has seen tremendous growth, but you are also somewhat nervous about this. 

Discuss the following questions: 

  • If the company’s growth is tied directly to the strength or weakness of the overall economy, how might this affect your decision? 
  • What are some considerations in making a job change? 
  • What are some resources you might check to help you make a more informed decision?
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