Deliverable 4 – Action Plan For Responding To Negative Online Reviews


Explore problem-solving skills for business analysis.


You manage a local chain restaurant that is known for its burgers. The restaurant is located on the corner of a major intersection in a suburban neighborhood. There are many choices in the area for a cheap meal that is family friendly. With so many options available, you want to be sure that you remain competitive. As a result, you recently decided to make a few changes to the menu. You added quite a few new items and took away a few that weren’t so popular.

Your general manager regularly checks your store’s online reviews to see what your customers are saying. She made you aware that recently your online reviews have been less than positive. She provided you with reviews from your website and asked that you summarize the findings and determine next steps. While your sales don’t seem to be slipping, she wants you to analyze the ratings and reviews so that you can proactively address areas that need attention.

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The reviews and ratings are as follows:


Stars out of 5 

Great burgers


My waitress was really nice


My soup was cold


My salad was wilted


We were seated very quickly


The carpet was filthy


The food was horrible, but the manager comped the meal


Food was ok for typical bar food


There is too much to choose from on the menu


Really kid friendly


There was a wait to be seated and the hostess brought my four year old crayons and paper to keep her busy!


The place is known for their burgers. They should stick to that. Their pizza was horrible and overpriced!


Bathrooms need some serious attention! Gross!


Our waiter slipped us a buy one, get one coupon before we paid the bill. Sweet!!


You have reviewed the data and have decided that analysis is required in order to prioritize the areas of concern. The data will also allow you to assess what is going right in your restaurant.

You and your general manager agree that this exercise is imperative to stay competitive in an already saturated market.InstructionsYou have decided to provide your general manager with a step-by-step action plan, in Microsoft Word, that provides the roadmap used to analyze the data to ensure the conclusions you reached are valid. You will be dealing with both quantitative and qualitative data. As you write your plan, be sure you explain your research method, measurement scale, results, and next steps based on your results.

In an introductory statement, briefly explain why the analysis of these ratings and reviews is important.

  • Step 1 – Contrast the two different types of data found in the ratings and reviews and how both will be used in your analysis.
  • Step 2 – Describe the research method and measurement scale you will be using to interpret the ratings and reviews. Be sure to include an analysis of the method, and why it is appropriate in this case.
  • Step 3- Illustrate your coding process by displaying a table with the values ascribed to your qualitative data.
  • Step 4 – Explain whether you applied mean, median, or mode values to your quantitative data. Include a description why your choice best reflects the overall customer rating of your restaurant, what the value is, and a projection of where you would like the rating to be in 6 months.
  • Step 5 – Create a table, chart, or graph using Excel that shows your qualitative research results and identify the top two customer concerns to be addressed. Also, include the area where customers are most satisfied. Be sure to add the graph in the appropriate place in the Word document.
  • Step 6 – Write two recommendations to address customer concerns.
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