Deliverable 3 – Costa's Customs Social Strategy


Compare how different social media channels contribute to meeting marketing objectives.

Scenario Information

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Your small marketing consulting firm was recently hired by Costa’s Customs. Costa’s Customs is a clothing retail company considering a complete rebranding, as their current reputation is dated and no longer appealing to desired market segments. In the past, Costa’s Customs experimented with digital marketing initiatives but the campaign had been poorly thought out and poorly implemented. The previous campaign had very little engagement and was a failure that turned management off from online marketing channels completely. Costa’s Customs’ current marketing strategy ignores all forms of digital marketing. They’ve come to your company for advice and recommendations for improving their marketing efforts. Your administrator has put together some preliminary research on Costa’s Customs’ background for you to look over. Click on the link below and read through it in order to familiarize yourself with the business.

Costa’s Customs’ Company Profile


Costa’s Customs’ management has been warming up to new ways that they can utilize digital marketing methods, and much of the focus has been on social platform strategies. Costa’s Customs’ management are beginning the initial stages of choosing which platforms and strategies to use. You’ve been called on to weigh-in and provide some social marketing suggestions to Costa’s Customs. The company is asking you to write an initial report identifying and outlining some potential social opportunities.
The following should be completed in your report to Costa’s Customs:

  • Select two specific social platforms that you believe the case company should utilize.
    • Provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each platform choice and explain why you think they’re a good fit for Costa’s Customs.
    • Support each platform choice with observations from the company profile.
  • Explain which social media strategy you’d recommend utilizing for each chosen platform (two total).
    • Choose from creating diverse content marketing, reaching influencers, and utilizing brand advocates.
    • Layout the general details for how you’ll implement those strategies.
    • Highlight the connection between strategy and platform.
  • Identify a rung from the social technographics ladder that will be targeted for each chosen platform (two total).
    • Justify and explain your choices.
    • Highlight the connection between technographics group, strategy and platform.

For example, you may choose to utilize Yelp (platform) to reach out to brand advocates (strategy) while catering to critics (social technographics category). All of these choices must be explained, connected to each other, and connected to case document facts that make it a good choice for the business. The general details of the strategy, such as messaging popular Yelp reviewers or offering coupons to customers that enter a review, should also be laid out. It’s important to be detailed and to support your decisions as part of this report is convincing management to listen to your advice and opinions.

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