Take notes about that the technology is and its relationship to the body ( if it is a robot maybe it is replacing a human body or extending a human’s ability to sense)

The reading I found:

Question need to write about:( write about 250 reflection paper)

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  1. What the advancement is
  2. What is this technology
  3. Where have you seen this technology before? (in art, film, news, etc)
  4. What the promise of the technology is
  5. Who is affected
  6. What the controversy is
  7. How might different groups use this
  8. How might we go about looking for more information?
    And, what should happen next?
    Answers may include everything from the absurd to the literal:
    “I want to inject my fingers with nanomachines that allow me to have keyless entry to all locked spaces therefore creating a more environmentally friendly market.”
    “I want to write to my congressman about the privacy policies of CPAP machines and their data collection.”
    “I want to read more about citizenship to understand Sophia’s VISA.”
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