Criminal Law

In this essay, respond to each question below using headings as needed. Thoroughly respond to the questions using headings as needed. Use your textbook, and conduct research using an Online Library. 

1) A very controversial law has been passed in many states: three strikes. Some argue that the application of this law is unethical and is inappropriately applied in many cases. Please identify one state that employs the three-strikes law, and then assess Herbert Packer’s crime control model and due process model to evaluate the effectiveness of three-strikes legislation. Keep in mind the three concepts of offense, guilt, and punishment. Also, identify at least three questions that the legislature should ask when they are arguing for or against this law. 

2) The criminal justice system uses a plethora of programs in the never-ending attempt to protect the public from alleged offenders and those who suffer from addiction (alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, or other addictions). Please identify at least two programs used by either police or the courts to help those suffering from addiction, and summarize aspects of the problem-program-policy continuum. 

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3) Criminal justice public policy is viewed through many different lenses. Please examine the various lenses criminal justice policy is viewed through, and summarize the three premises discussed in the textbook. 

Your essay must be at least 1,200 words in length, properly cited and referenced according to APA-style guidelines. You must use the textbook and one additional academic article from an Online Library for each question, for a total of at least four references for this assignment


Gau, J. M. (2018). Criminal justice policy: Origins and effectiveness. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

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