Course: Psychology intro to Research: Question, Hypothesis & References

A large part of your grade in this course comes from your research proposal.  You will write your proposal one section at a time, and I will give you feedback on each submission. At the end of the course you will turn in a final draft of your proposal with all the sections put together.  There is a module on canvas title ‘Research Proposal’ which has examples and guidelines.  One important note:you will not actually conduct the research you are proposing, you are learning how to put together a proposal for others to read which shows your ability to properly plan an ethical experiment in the psychological sciences and write scientifically.   Your research proposal should be based in the psychological sciences.For this first part of your proposal, you will submit your research question, your research hypothesis, and 3 references from academic research sources.  There is a section in the current module that shows you how to use the library to look up scientific sources.In regards to sources…Psychology Today, blogs, newspaper articles, etc. are not appropriate sources.If a website ends in .edu or .gov those are typically okay to use.Sources that are listed as dissertations or theses are not appropriate (they are not peer-reviewed)You may use the library’s research databases or sources like Google Scholar, though using the library will usually provide you will the full paper and not just an abstract.When you list a source as a reference for a scientific research journal, you should list it as thought it was in print, not as though it is a website.  Look at the links for ‘apa format’ included in this module and your book.Make sure to upload only .doc, .txt or .pdf format.25 Points Total:Research Question (5 points)Hypothesis (10 points)References (10 points)Please view attachement